Drink wine. Not too much. Mostly Italian.

At vino roma wine studio in the heart of Rome, minutes away from the Colosseum, you can learn everything about Italian wines at various types of guided tastings & seminars.

Our “Unconventional Wines” Master Class returns on February 6 - we would call the first edition in December the “most anarchic wine tasting ever” (the wines AND the guests were a riot) but an industry colleague called it “The Best Wine Tasting In The World” (link goes to fb; here is a glimpse of the tasting on her wonderful blog). Ehem. Let’s make new memories.

My Italians

An absolute classic! An overview of Italian wines and how to evaluate & appreciate any wine, for all levels.

Dine & Wine

An annotated meal to understand Roman cuisine, its history, influences, evolution. Private groups only!

Wine & Cheese Dinner

Bubbly, white, orange, red & sweet: along with artisanal delicacies, enjoy a deliciously Italian wine dinner!

My Rome Food Tour

Visit markets & shops locals frequent. Learn about and enjoy local produce, dishes & customs. Private groups only!