An Annotated Natural Wine Tour

vini naturali

A unique, one-time-only opportunity to learn about the “natural wine” movement in Italy; discuss, compare & contrast its place in the wine scene as opposed to conventional wine and get to taste some of the best examples - and even get to meet some of the producers. All this will be possible with a special annotated tour we have designed in the context of Vini Naturali fair in Rome, on Sunday February 10th.

This year this biggest natural wine fair in Rome is celebrating its 5th anniversary and showing that natural wines are here to stay. The wine world is fervently discussing these wines (go ahead, click on these links for some very interesting reading) - come with us on this guided tour with VinoRoma founder Hande and judge them yourself. This is a unique opportunity to taste the wines and meet the winemakers of names like AR.PE.PE., I Clivi, Elizabetta Foradori, Paolo Bea, Dario Princic, Zidarich, Emidio Pepe, I Vigneri…..

The tour takes place in the fair area (convention center of a hotel); there will be a brief theoretical introduction to natural wine making principals, then we will visit various stands selected by Hande, taste the wines with guidance/tutoring and explanations from Hande, as well as communicate with the producers (with the help of Hande’s translations) where possible - please understand this is a fair open to the public and we won’t have designated one-on-one times with all producers, who will be there for everyone. There will be many chances to discuss various aspects of this wine making style - from the vineyards to what is in your glass. The duration of the tour will be around 3 hours.

The price per person for this one time only tour is €100. This includes entry to the fair, all wine and food tastes you will receive, all information and explanations. You will be free to stay in the event grounds and keep tasting after the annotated tour with Hande. Transportation is not included but you will receive detailed directions on how to reach the location by public transportation. Minimum attendance required for the tour to take place is 2 guests, max is 6. Please note that this event is not suitable for children and teenagers.

Here is a primer on natural wines, in Rome and in general.

Sparkling Saturdays

Sparkling Saturdays

There is more to Italian sparkling wine than Prosecco & Asti: get to know some!

Everyone enjoys drinking sparkling wines, there is immediate celebration when you open a bottle with bubbles. Do you know how those bubbles get into the bottle?

With this tasting you will learn all the different ways sparkling wines are produced (there is more than one!) and see the difference the method makes in taste. Love Prosecco? Find alternatives! Think Italian sparklers are too sweet or rough? Taste a Franciacorta and you might never go back to Champagne! There is an Italian sparkling wine for every occasion and every food, discover with us the possibilities.

We will be drinking 5 different sparkling wines. There is one drawback: Once you start drinking bubbles, you can’t stop!

This tasting takes place at our wine studio, it is not a tour.

The cost of this tasting is €50 p.p., a minimum attendance of 4 is required for the event to take place.

If you are booking for a party size smaller than 4, we will let you know if the minimum attendance has been reached through other bookings or if the date will need to be cancelled due to the bookings not reaching 4. In that case, the total amount will be completely refunded, of course.

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