My Rome Food Tour

Taste Rome Food Tour

Food is what unites mankind and distinguishes cultures. It plays a great role in understanding a place. We love food and we have studied it, too; so let us give you bites that will make you yearn for more and explain its background, as well.

We will put together the ideal itinerary for your interests and knowledge level but will also keep an eye on what is best in what neighborhood when - yes, this does play a role, and allows us to offer a food tour almost every day, including Sundays. The common point of every day is visiting the right market, the food shops, the cafes, the gelateria that offer their best. Where very discerning locals go themselves. Where we have been shopping for years. Tours can be designed to include a mini wine or beer tasting as well (choice will depend on weekday and area).

Our food tours are for private groups only, with a max. size of 6. Included are the appx. 3 hour expert guided walking tour with many stops; in-depth explanation and description of the various food and related items you will see; and most tastes you will receive. Since the tours are custom, pricing will vary.

Please contact us for availability and all further information, sharing as much about your interests as possible.

Sample Itineraries:

Prati and Trionfale - the up-and-coming enogastronomic areas of Rome.

The historic center and the Jewish Ghetto - they do exist, the gems that are resisting the onslaught of tourism in the center - discover them with us.

Ripa, Campitelli, and… (the historic center or the Jewish Ghetto) - Rome’s best farmers market and the gems of the center or a look at the Jewish culinary traditions.

Esquilino and Monti - The unexpected and exciting Rome, where Rome shows its ethnic side but also 100 year old bakeries mix with gourmet takes on Roman classics.

See other events we offer - did you know we are famous for our guided wine tastings? They take place in our wine studio, for small mixed groups as well as private parties.