Sparkling Saturdays

Sparkling Saturdays

There is more to Italian sparkling wine than Prosecco & Asti: get to know some!

Everyone enjoys drinking sparkling wines, there is immediate celebration when you open a bottle with bubbles. Do you know how those bubbles get into the bottle?

With this tasting you will learn all the different ways sparkling wines are produced (there is more than one!) and see the difference the method makes in taste. Love Prosecco? Find alternatives! Think Italian sparklers are too sweet or rough? Taste a Franciacorta and you might never go back to Champagne! There is an Italian sparkling wine for every occasion and every food, discover with us the possibilities.

We will be drinking 5 different sparkling wines. There is one drawback: Once you start drinking bubbles, you can’t stop!

This tasting takes place at our wine studio, it is not a tour.

The cost of this tasting is €50 p.p., a minimum attendance of 4 is required for the event to take place.

If you are booking for a party size smaller than 4, we will let you know if the minimum attendance has been reached through other bookings or if the date will need to be cancelled due to the bookings not reaching 4. In that case, the total amount will be completely refunded, of course.

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