Summer in the Cellar - Jazz & Wine


Summer in the cellar returns! After last year’s two very successful editions, now you can kick off summer 2013 on a cool note, and this time for a good cause, too! Enjoy the sounds of live jazz and the sights of our historic cellar as you sip fine wines. We will be drinking fun and easy Italian wines that are light enough to accompany you through the hot summer ahead.

Our trio will play 1 set in the cellar during which you can sip your wines. There will be another set upstairs in the tasting room later in the evening. Before and after the sets, we will chat about the wines and answer all your questions, but please note this won’t be a structured formal tasting like our regular tastings. Local organic fare to keep your stomach from grumbling will be provided in the upstairs tasting room.

The acclaimed musicians of the night are Cristiano Rizzuto (English horn), Max Pieretti (keyboard) and Giuseppe Caliccia (contrabass). Surprise: We are flying in Jonathan Champagne, last year’s unexpected star, to accompany the trio!

This event will take approximately 2 hours (but you know how musicians are, do not make any arrangements for afterwards) and costs €35 per person. This is a The Rome Digest special event and all proceeds go to a local food cause (see prior fundraiser event here).

As with all of our tastings, bookings are essential - no matter what it says below, it is not sold out, that is what the VR booking system thinks - for this special event, please follow the eventbrite link here to book!