Metro Labyrinth Termini

metro b

The work in the underground metro hub (where 2 - two - lines meet!) at the main station, Termini, is a never ending story. Last weekend, we entered the station from Via Giolitti on the southern side of the station, and made our way to Metro line A, the orange line. With pen & paper in hand. Below is what expects the wary traveler. Hint: it just involves 7 escalator rides and over 400 steps (by my tall husband).

Termini entrance Via Giolitti following the signs to Metro A
1. use the escalator going down
2. turn left go 40 steps
3. turn right go 90 steps
4. turn left use escalator going down
5. go 30 steps
6. turn left go 30 steps
7. turn right use escalator going down
8. turn right go 25 steps
9. turn right
10. turn right use escalator going down
11. turn right go 60 steps
12. turn right use escalator going up
13. turn right entering Metro B
14. turn right go 40 steps
15. turn right then left go 40 steps
16. turn left use escalator going down
17. go 40 steps
18. turn left use escalator going down
19. turn right entering Metro A direction Battestini
20. if you still can, turn left and go 50 steps ahead

4 Responses to “Metro Labyrinth Termini”

  1. Katie Parla

    total clusterfuck. i even briefly lost clients due to the profoundly and unnecessarily confusing labyrinth

  2. Tom

    They couldn’t have designed this to be more inane if they tried. Clients probably wonder why I never suggest using the metro if it means changing at Termini; this is why.

  3. Elizabeth Minchilli

    Too funny!

  4. Sarah May (@AntiquaTours)

    I never suggest people use the Metro if they have to switch trains. Bus or taxi