All You Need - a (non) guide to gifting the winelover in your life

all you need

This is all you need to enjoy wine.

A good glass - one that let’s you see, smell and taste the wine in the best possible way. That means glass/crystal (not plastic), a stem (do not buy stemless wine glasses - no, being able to put them in the dishwasher is not a valid criterion for choosing wine glasses), a big enough bowl size, thin rimmed. Yes, it is true that there is a specific “best” glass for different kinds of wine, but if you invest in a so called universal/tasting/classic one (if there is a choice, go for the red wine or Bordeaux version), you will be all set. The ones I use are not available to consumers, here are very similar ones, and I love these others, as well.

A good corkscrew - one that let’s you pull a cork easily and without breaking it. We use these, all wine professionals I know use these or very similar ones. The important point is the double-lever/hinge. You do not need any fancy and expensive and “interesting” corkscrews. Invest 40 seconds and watch this video to see how to use it. You will never need anything else.

A good wine - one that you, the winelover, enjoys. Not the most expensive. Not the most famous. One you buy from people (the winemaker, the wine store attendant), not a supermarket shelf. It helps if you can define your taste and say more than Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio. If you don’t know what else to say, come to a tasting of ours to learn what acidity, tannins, minerality, body are; which of those you like; and how to find wines that fit your taste.

Nice-to-haves are books about wine, a vacuvin set, a cooling collar, reusable multi-bottle wine totes.

Things you do not need - a bicycle wine rack, a corkcicle, wine charms, aerator, decanter, wine aroma kit, drip stopper, most “accessories/gadgets”.

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