Georgian Wine - a teaser

While I work on putting up a proper post with tons of information and pictures from our visit to Georgia in November, here is a small video to wet your appetite - How To Drink Wine The Georgian Way!

(you need flash to watch this video - Or, you can click here to watch directly on our youtube channel)

3 Responses to “Georgian Wine - a teaser”

  1. Mac Witmer

    This seems very messy! Reminds me of something we call “shotgunning a beer” at US fraternity parties!

  2. Nathalie (@spacedlaw)

    That looks a tad reckless and I am not sure of the benefits.

  3. Idan Yehuda

    I must say, Georgian wines are very confusing. There are some really bad wines…almost undrinkable (health perspective!)
    On the other hand, there’s few that I believe can stand agains qualities of really great ones from the old fashion style.

    After all, semi-sweet wines not the cup of tee of everyone…but we must respect the history and adherence to the sources of the georgian winemakers.

    Talking about getting drunk, did you tried “cha cha”?! (georgian kind of Grapa)