Private Tasting

This date is reserved for a special private tasting. Unless you have been sent this link by us, please choose another date!

Wine & Cheese LunchDrink and eat the very best products Italy has to offer: Taste 4 distinctly different Italian wines and see how they match (and why!) with cheeses. You will get a taste of some of the best cold cuts (prosciutto, salumi etc.), as well. Sample the best Italian cheeses (fresh and aged, sheep’s, goat’s and cow’s milk) and see how different wines react with these popular Italian foods. You will be surprised to see some long-standing conventions go over board!

You will be introduced to some basic rules about wine tasting after which you are ready to start evaluating every wine. You will get to taste 4 Italian wines, all from different regions and with different characteristics, getting an overview of Italian wines. There will be a sparkling wine, a white, a red and a sweet wine! You will be guided through tasting each wine, defining the aromas, see parallels and/or differences to wines you might already know. You will not only learn more about the specific wine on hand but also the region and the type of wine it stands for, thus learning to appreciate wines in a knowledgeable fashion and decide which wines you like and why.

You will see: When you know where a wine comes from and who has made it how, you will enjoy each glass even more! You will also learn how to choose wines in the future that cater to your taste and needs.

This tasting takes place at our wine studio, it is not a tour.

This special tasting has a 1,5 hour duration.

Please contact us before booking if you have any dietary restrictions.

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