Dine & Wine

Sparkling Saturdays

Introducing Dine & Wine, a new service offered by Vino Roma!

A curated and annotated meal to help you understand Roman cuisine, its history, influences and the modern developments, as well as a look into the role wine plays in it.

This is for travelers with a deep interest in food and wine, for whom a restaurant recommendation is not enough - you know it is a different restaurant experience when you visit with a regular, order just the right dishes and have them explained.

This meal can be organized in several different venues in Rome, depending on your interests. See below some sample meal themes. Lunch and dinner possible, subject to availability.

Dine & Wine is for private groups only, with a max. size of 6. Included is the appx. 3 hour expert guidance. Since the meals are custom, pricing will vary.

Please contact us for availability and all further information, sharing as much about your interests as possible.

Sample Meal Themes:

Traditional Roman - A traditional Roman meal at a high quality family-run trattoria.

Contemporary Roman - A Roman meal with a twist at a so-called neo-trattoria that respects local & seasonal ingredients more than the authentic recipes.

Cucina Povera - Poor man’s kitchen is frugal cooking - what was born of necessity ages ago is “in” again due to reasons old and new. Learn & taste how it applies in Rome. You must be open to eat offal!

Roman Jewish Cuisine -The Jewish communities (yes, several distinct groups) in Rome played a big role in shaping Roman cuisine as we know it today, while creating for themselves a distinctly different cuisine than their Sephardim or Ashkenazim roots. Get to know it at a Jewish trattoria.

Pizza Experience -Neapolitan, Roman and third-wave pizza are all beloved pizza styles in the pizzerias of Rome, with their different rituals. Pick one - or go on a crusade to eat it all. Wash it down with… Italian craft beers or orange wines! Only for true pizza-lovers!

Stars over Rome -A Michelin starred experience that is inextricably Roman. The best of Rome’s starred restaurants manage to apply international influences to Roman ingredients and dishes instead of serving the umpteenth caviar/truffle/foie gras dish with molecular gastronomy “pearls”. For fine-diners who don’t want to forget they are in Rome.

Street Food - for a sampling of the best street foods of Rome, book a walking food tour with us.

See other events we offer - did you know we are famous for our guided wine tastings? They take place in our wine studio, for small mixed groups as well as private parties.