The location

The wine tastings are held in a private tasting room dedicated solely to this purpose. It is a stunning wine studio with a thousand year old cellar that is now our wine cellar. We will take you down if you are really nice :) We have transformed a former run-down computer school into a sleek and modern space. The address is here, the map below also marks our exact location (it is between Colosseum and Termini Central Station, in the hip Monti district)! Below first picture was a first sneak peek (thanks to Katie Parla), some are by Oliver Seidel, all others have been taken by us!

The food tour is designed to take the guests through a different part of (central, but not only historic) Rome each day - you will receive information about the meeting point after you book.

vino roma in monti

the wine cellar

 Wall of Bottles

cellar_1 cellar cellar_3 cellar_4 Sparkling Wine Room cellar the longest tasting table in Rome tasting room tasting table

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