How to book

If you are interested in a wine tasting or food tour during your stay in Rome, here are the different ways how you can choose and book one.

Pick your date, a: On the home page, choose event schedule in the lower area. This will take you to an overview of all regular tastings and events we offer, grouped by date. Clicking on a date or an event listed under a date will take you to the detailed explanation of the event(s) offered at and around that date. When you decide which event you want to participate in, you just need to click on “book this event”. You will then be taken through the whole booking process step by step (no worries, only 2 more left at that point!).

Pick your date, b: You can also directly pick a date on the event calendar to the right of each page of vino roma. If you hover with your mouse over a highlighted date, you will see which events are being offered on that date. Clicking on the date, you will be taken to the detailed descriptions and can book as above in option 1.

Pick your event: On the home page, you can see a brief description of the 4 different regular events we are offering at the moment. Clicking on the “info” or “book now” icons of one will take you to the detailed description of that event, with the next 5 dates this particular event is being offered listed below the description. You can book by clicking on “book this event” next to the date you choose.

If you would like to have a different type of tasting then described, or on a date and/or time other than stated, please contact us. We can fulfill almost all tailored tasting wishes you might have, as long as it is about Italian wines (because this is our specialty!). One specific region or variety, only whites, only reds, only exclusive wines and vintages, just ask us!

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