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Hande Leimer

Hande Leimer, the founder and owner of vino roma, is a certified sommelier and a member of the Associazione Italiana Sommelier (AIS).

Hande was born in 1970 in Istanbul, Turkey and grew up in a multicultural family. Her palate was trained from early on, first with food, later on with wine. She lived in the USA, Italy and Germany, before returning to Italy and settling in Rome. For years she was engaged in wine casually while making a career in advertising and IT until she decided to concentrate only on wine. She holds the WSET Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits and is a member of the Italian Sommelier Association, where she gained the title Sommelier.

Hande loves food and believes wine to be the perfect accompaniment to almost any food. Italian wines are made to go with food, so it was only natural that she chose to live in Italy, the land of good food and accessible wine. She wants to share her enthusiasm for this country and its (often underestimated) wines with everyone. She doesn’t believe in wine-snobbery but doesn’t like wine-ignorance-coquetry, either. You can ask her anything wine related and she will gladly answer.

Associazione Italiana SommelierBesides working for vino roma, Hande is the co-founder of The Rome Digest, an online news portal for dining, drinking and food shopping in Rome. The Rome Digest also highlights over 100 (and counting) wine bars, markets and restaurants that reflect the founders’ beliefs in local, sustainable and seasonal agricultural initiatives. Hande has been the wine editor for the German food-portal küchengötter and is a contributor to the Turkey edition of online magazine. Apart from the blog on vino roma, dedicated to wine, you can also check her food blog food vagabond, where she muses about anything food related anywhere in the world (now resting).

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